1. Chrysalis
3. Bistonia
4. Bareface
5. The Core
6. A Step In The Right Direction
7. Depravity
8. Aether
9. Paper Nerves
10. Eris

Taken from Fortheloveofpunk.com
Review by: Damon Workman

In late December, I saw an announcement that Felony Records had signed a new So Cal band and were streaming a track from their debut release. I checked it out and immediately dug it. When I saw that a review was needed I jumped at the chance. If the strength of that first track was any indication then this would be a great album and I’d be among the first to hear the whole damn thing! The release date (January 8th, 2016) came, then went. It was nearly a month since I’d received the album and couldn’t stop listening for long enough to write down any kind of thoughts about it. That album is 432Hz and the band responsible for making me miss my deadline is Kill Corporations.

“Battery Acid”, the album’s lead track, sets what will be the tone for the rest of this stellar debut. The energetic drumming sets the pace and you are in for one fast ride, because uptempo is an understatement. Check out Campos’ blistering stick work on “Step in The Right Direction”. You’ll wonder how in the hell he does this for an entire show without combusting like a drummer for Spinal Tap.

Every bit up to the challenge of breakneck drum beats is the squad of guitars, Jeff Clarke holds down the bottom end like a boss. The sound is rich and full, evening out the razor sharpness of Sherman and Ramirez on guitars. Equal parts punk and melodic metal, this is far from your standard skate punk fare. “Aether” is a shining example of their musicianship on display. Throw in Adrian Sayler’s vocals and the harmonies of his band mates, and you have a near perfect album that is impossible to stop listening to.

This album is a bar setter. Don’t wait for the critics’ year end lists to tell you that way back at the beginning of the year Kill Corporations released one of the best records of 2016 and that you were late to the party. Start listening now and see where this exciting new band going to go. I, for one, will be anxiously waiting for even more from them. Til then I’ll have 432Hz in my earphones to tide me over.

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