Strike Twelve / Margate – Do Each Other Vol. 1


Strike twelve

1. Control
2. Finish The Game


3. Toilet
4. Daddy's Little Girl

We are just two bands that like each other and thought it would be fun to cover each other’s songs. On one side, Strike Twelve covers two of their favorite Margate songs. On the other side, Margate covers two of their favorite Strike Twelve songs!

Purchase (digital/vinyl) at the Felony Records bandcamp page here:

Watch the video of Margate’s cover of Toilet – directed by Denise Border of – here:

Watch the video of Strike Twelve’s cover of Finish the Game – directed by Adam Carr – here:

released April 20, 2016

All tracking and editing done at Strike Twelve Studios in Temecula, CA. Mixed and mastered by TJ Rivera in Moreno Valley, CA. Artwork by Justin Blake. Copyright 2016 Strike Twelve and Margate. All rights reserved.