Punk Rock Bowling Vol. 1


1. Sic Waiting - Maps
2. LightSpeedGo - Go
3. Skipjack - State Of Grace
4. Strike Twelve - Midwest Town*
5. The Dead Krazukies - The Northern Belle
6. Kill Corporations - Chrysalis
7. DC Fallout - Mission Statement*
8. Eken Is Dead - Trained To Hate
9. Friends With The Enemy - We're Not Alone*
10. Emmer Effer - ...Of The People
11. Butt Trumpet - Emotional Vampire
12. The Grim - I Hate Life*
13. Chaos Delivery Machine - Flock Of Gullible's
14. Dive Bar Junkies - D.O.T.
15. Love Canal - Black Clouds*
16. The Lucky Eejits - Every Night
17. False Alliance - This Time Around*
18. Margate - Freedom
19. Chaser - Line Of Sight*
20. Lowbrow - Whiskey Business*
21. Hilltop Rats - Groan Up*
22. Kid You Not - I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion!*
23. Special C - S.B.L.M.S.
24. Crash Kills Four - The Sale*
25. Stabbed In Back - Why Don't You Dance?
26. Sederra - Inconsiderate*
27. 5 Days Dirty - Too Many Zombies
28. Raised By Apes - One Of Those People*
29. Start At Zero - Buzzer Beater
30. Setoff - Aselloutsayswhat?
31. Another Damn Disappointment - Riot
32. By All Means - Take On The World
33. Only Human - Hypocracy
34. Battle Born - 40 Second Song
35. Majority Lost - Last Call
*=Rare or previously unreleased

2016 marks the first year we’ve become a sponsor of America’s greatest punk rock festival, Punk Rock Bowling. We’ve marked the occasion with a compilation of our roster, old and new. 35 tracks from past albums, rare tracks, and unreleased songs from future albums. If you’re new to the label, this is a great introduction. It shows who our bands are and what we bring to the punk scene.

We’ve pressed 2,000 copies with artwork by the legendary French artist ZU!. It will be free with every $20 purchase from our booth in the festival fairgrounds, our pool party on Saturday, the Teenage Bottlerocket club show with LightSpeedGo, Also look for our booth at the non sanctioned club show Thursday night with Strike Twelve at a the Double Down Saloon.

Being that much of our support base will not be in attendance at this years festival, we’ve decided to post the compilation online for $4. Furthermore all proceeds from online sales will be donated to the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids. This charity is a organization that helps to support music education to underprivileged kids through projects dedicated in Tony’s honor.

We hope you enjoy this look at our label and chose to purchase it to support future generations of young artists. I think it truly embraces our past, present, and future,


See you at PRB’16

*=Rare or previously unreleased
Margate – Freedom courtesy of Cyber Tracks Records
Stabbed In Back – Why Don’t You Dance courtesy of Dying Scene Records