Los Angeles hardcore act Eken Is Dead have signed with Felony Records. The band will release their new EP “Full Disclosure” on October 13, 2015. A portion of the pre-order proceeds will go to Vets 4 Warriors. Vets 4 Warriors’ mission is to provide 24/7 confidential, stigma free peer support by veterans to Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve service members, Veterans, Retirees, and their families/caregivers. Share lived experiences to create an environment of trust that demonstrates you are never alone, there is a caring, empathic voice ready to connect and follow up.

You can stream Eken Is Dead’s new song “Reaching Back” and pre-order the EP here


Grab a physical pre-order package here.EID_FD-merch1


The band plans to release their previous e.p and 2 previous albums on Felony after a fresh mix, mastering and the possibility of some new or live tracks. The Bands previous label ‘Blacksound Records’ will be closing up shop and their team are jumping on board at Felony.