Being that our label is owned by fans of punk rock and the bands we work with are all lifers like ourselves, we thought we would do our own top 10 albums of 2015 culled from our growing roster of artists.

Next up we asked Gagg from “Eken Is Dead”.

The amount of 10 is hard for me to gather.

Faith No More – Sol Invictus

Strung Out – Transmission Alpha.Delta

Refused – Freedom

Lamb of God – Strum Und Drang

Slayer – Repentless

Skindred – Volume

Sevendust – Kill the Flaw

Soulfly – Archangel (Special Edition)

Puscifer – Money Shot

Dog Fashion Disco – Ad Nauseam

Ignite – A War Against You (would be on list although I received it early through Pre-Order!!)!

Or even, 10 Years – From Birth to Burial


I can’t even rank.  I had a couple that I had to eliminate to make 10 even,  I LIKE TOO MUCH DIFFERENT SHIT.  Hell, Yelawolf – True Story and sayyyyy Periphery – Juggernaut:Omega albums were rad too!!


Help If you want.  Or post On!

GAGG “EID” “Bass”


Come back tomorrow for another Felony Records artist and then finally Felony Ron & Felony Kris with a K’s list.