Being that our label is owned by fans of punk rock and the bands we work with are all lifers like ourselves, we thought we would do our own top 10 albums of 2015 culled from our growing roster of artists.

Next up we asked Christopher McGnarly our New Social Media Officer.


this band has always been my favorite band and always will…transmission alpha delta blew my mind right out the gates with the famous charlie chaplin speech and into a wirwind of amazing solos and lyrics…goosebumps…



This band has always been one of my favorites as well…every time half measures comes on and i am riding my skateboard…i go faster haha amazing new album and after listening the first time i felt like i was 16 again…where’s my pager?!


I honestly have never heard these guys until this year and jared was kind enough to send me a package with all their albums…i think the what i told jared was “dude…after listening to anchors astray…it was the same feeling i got when i heard rise against’s revolutions per minute the first time….amazing”haha epic band! and derailer is so so good! from start to finish it’s a brilliant album and every song compliments the next…and also hanging with jared at it’s not dead fest made me love this band even more..super humble rad dude…also i would not even own this album if it wasn’t for kevin wells haha thanks homie!


These guys just fucking rip..period…sometimes i just want straight up in your face punk rock…and these guys got it…especially if you are skateboarding or snowboarding…so rad!! life is not amusement for me!!!! totally a record i can listen to on repeat and never get tired of


It’s fucking leftover crack!!!!! iv’e always had a love for the gutter punk that is leftover crack and morning glory and choking victim and star fucking hipsters and…. haha the list goes on…don’t shoot is my favorite song on this album but the whole album rips!


Ok i know it’s only 2 songs but holy shit…after go to prison i thought this 2 song ep was sick! i wished it was longer! plus have any of you seen these guys live?! WOW…probably one of the best live bands out there right now and they are super humble in person…seeing them at punk rock bowling 2015 was a super big highlight for me and talking to zach after the show about being sober was super rad! can’t wait to see what they bring for 2016 for sure

7-SIC WAITING-HIGHWAY MILES(i absolutely love this band haha)

The lyrics to all these songs on this…goosebumps…jared writes some amazing lyrics that feel like each song was written for the listener…so good…love highway miles a lot…i can’t honestly pick a favorite off this because it’s so good


Fist of all…my first time meeting Bill in person i was at punk rock bowling watching..shit i can’t remember who haha i wanna say..wilhelm scream? bill might have to help with that info…anyway..i remember he was standing right next to me the whole time and had no idea it was him haha finally he said hi and it clicked that it was bill and we talked and hung out for awhile watching the bands shredd the stage and became lifelong friends…super rad dude and holy shit he is tall! next to me anyway haha so back to the music…lines and passages is awesome! won’t return (take 2) is my favorite off this album but the whole album rules…can’t wait to hear the new one dudes!!


Right out the gates with the song NEW AGAIN…i knew that this album would be played over and over and over again….SO RAD and this is also a hard album to pick a favorite song because it’s so good…giving up is a gateway drug though might be my favorite for sure


This band has come a long way…so amazing…cut your teeth is my personal favorite off this but again…every song is awesome…

I guess in conclusion….it’s really hard for me to even make top ten lists because honestly i feel like every band i love is at the top of the takes me on a journey every day of my life and helps with the ups and the downs…best medicine ever…PURE STOKAGE


Welcome to the Felony Family Christopher. Check back tomorrow as we list Vic Arevalo’s (eken is dead) top 10 of 2015.


Cheers ya filthy animals,