California punkers SIC WAITING are releasing their third full-length record on October 23rd. Entitled DERAILER, and out on Felony Records, the group is gearing up for a fall tour that takes them across the Western US, over to FEST 14, to Puerto Rico, the Northeast US, and to Mexico.

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DERAILER is everything you’ve come to expect from the foursome that seem to refuse to let SoCal punk die. Fast, melodic anthems and aggressive, punk rock ideals. But what might surprise you are the mid-tempo rock sing-a-longs peppered into the progressive ensemble. All in all, it’s an effort that moves another foot forward while paying respects to the one foot that refuses to budge.

“A punk band from Southern California with a lot of years and miles and beers under the belt, Sic Waiting has played with most of the names in the scene you actually recognize (The Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream, Red City Radio, The Vandals, Strung Out to name a few) and put out records that hold up next to those same names, yet has somehow figured out a way to stay relevant and relatively unknown. An impressive feat, to be sure.” – Jack Soprano, Birds

‘The band is nothing if not a delicately-tuned machine. (2012 EP VICES) captures the energy of the band’s live performance, more-so, I think, than on previous releases, while maintaining a polished veneer of layered guitars and incredible vocal harmonies.’ – Ross Hostage, For the Love of Punk

“2015 sees the return of Sic Waiting, with an expansive and concise new record in tow. From blazing, technical punk rock that the band has become known for to powerful mid-tempo rock songs that explore newer ground, Sic Waiting is re-enforcing their place in the scene. Produced by Chris Chasse (Rise Against, Great Collapse, Nations Afire), Derailer is once again Sic Waiting’s best effort to date, and they’re gearing up to visit all parts of the world to prove it.” – Jack Soprano, Birds