A few months ago the boys in Strike Twelve came to us with an idea, “We want to start a 7” series on Felony where bands Do Each Other. “ We thought, “What a totally unique and original idea, when BYO did it years ago”. Regardless of the originality of the idea, we thought if would be a great series on our ever growing roster.

DO EACH OTHER vol. 1 is a 7″ pressing of 350 (100 Black, 100 white, 150 Transparent red) with each band covering (or Doing) the other bands song, 1 song to be an pretty close cover and the 2nd to be open to interpretation.

Strike Twelve chose to DO “Control” off Margates 2011 ep Rock N’ Roll Reserve, and “Finish The Game” off of Margates 2012 Self titled album.

Margate chose to DO “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Toilet” both off of Strike Twelves 2012 album “Moonshine

Digital downloads will be available starting 4/20…. & The 7″ will be available early June 2016 (depending on pressing plant)

You can pre-order the album at https://felonyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/do-each-other-vol-1

Stayed tuned as 4/20 gets closer as both bands have a video of their covering. We post those over the next few weeks to stoke the hype.