In case you haven’t already heard, SoCal melodic punks Strike Twelve put out a new record earlier this year. It’s called Last Band Standing and it was released by the friendly people at Thousand Islands Records. We, the friendly people of Dying Scene, are simply chuffed to bring you the new music video for “Not a Phase”, which happens to be a song from the aforementioned album. Go ahead and check it out below!

Here are some words an unnamed member of Strike Twelve was nice enough to type for us regarding “Not a Phase” and its accompanying music video:

“The music video is a compilation of archived videos, photos and flyers from our 20+ years as a band. It was painstakingly pieced together by the one and only Felony Ron of Felony Records. We joke around that when people like our wives first met us, they thought the band was a temporary phase. Now, decades later, we’re still going strong. While being in a band has great potential to be disruptive to the rest our lives, it is in fact the glue that holds us together.”

You can get Last Band Standing on colored vinyl here (NA), here (EU), and here (Australia). Strike Twelve will be playing a show in San Diego with Diesel Boy and Versus the World on December 10th; you can get tickets for that here. Fuck yeah.