Follow along the journey of Conrad while he goes thru the motions of learning what it takes to FINISH THE GAME. Conrad has decided that he is going to join the underground world of Luchador wrestling by taking on the almighty Felony Juan. His trainer, Tricky Goldmill, puts him thru the rigourus steps of training like the greats before him, Rocky with the raw egg & Nacho Libre with cereal and studying vintage luchador films. Taking inspiration from the historic film Young Guns II, Conrad, like Billy The Kid, finds out if he has what it takes to “Finish The Game” and defeat Felony Juan.

STRIKE TWELVE and long time friends MARGATE decided to cover each others songs for their upcoming 7″ split release DO EACH OTHER. You can stream one track from each band on our band camp page, here.

Today, You can now hear and see STRIKE TWELVE‘s doing their version of “FINISH THE GAME” with this awesome new video, directed by the ADAM CARR, who has worked with STRIKE TWELVE in th past with their Videos for “LONG TAIL” & their cover of BLIND MELON’s “NO RAIN