As the countdown for Punk Rock Bowling 2016 is down to 2 weeks, we are going to announce our new additions to the roster, so we can drop our PRB Compilation featuring tons of rare and unreleased tracks.

This Week we are beyond stoked to add the punk Stalwarts from San Fernando Valley ‘THE GRIM’. The Grim started in 1983 playing parties in the San Fernando Valley. Their music appeared on numerous compilation records released by Mystic Records. In 1984 Mystic released their self titled debut record known as the “orange album”. You may have seen it as a back drop in the movie “Pretty In Pink”. The Grim toured the country with NOFX, Scared Straight (pre-Ten Foot Pole) and others.

The band ended in the mid 90’s and Tim (Timmy the Turtle) started working for NOFX on tour. The band did a couple of reunion shows in early 2001 with the original members. But since Jordan was in Strung Out it was short lived due to his touring with them.

Fast forward to 2010 the band reformed with 3 new members. Tim decided to take control and reform the Grim one last time. Tim was always talking with with ex Jughead’s Revenge bassist Brian Preiss about starting up a new band. But Brian convinced him to reform the Grim. When he decided to call Bob and tell him of his plans, Bob agreed to do the Grim one more time. Fed up of looking for an old drummer from some old contacts from the past. The band put out a craigslist ad and recruited Garrett Dyer on drums. Also Jeff Yearsley was asked to play 2nd guitar. Jeff was a fellow band mate and friend of Brian’s from the early punk rock days and was always a big Grim fan.

Fast forward to 2016, Felony was able to convince the guys to switch from their tried and true label Mystic to release a 7″ in September 2016, followed by a full length album in early 2017. This is THE GRIM’s first new music in years and their first time on vinyl since the 80’s.

THE GRIM have a few shows coming up with this current lineup, playing with some legendary bands.
May 14th with LOVE CANAL, at Cafe Nela
June 4th with the Casualties at Los Globos, Hollywood
June 10th with GlueGun in Vegas
June 11th with GlueGun, Yucca tap Room, Phoenix, AZ
June 21st with The Adicts, The Crowd, Love Canal and Penetrators at The Yost Theatre, Santa Ana, CA
July 2nd with DI in Pomona
August 20th with Stalag 13 in Santa Barbara
We are also working on a killer release party for the 7″ in September that we will share more as details get locked down.

The band is giving us a track entitled “I Hate Life“, off their forthcoming 7”, which was originally a Wasted Youth song that was never released, for our PRB Compilation that we will be releasing online a week before Punk Rock Bowling and will have 2,000 hard copies to hand out for free at the festival itself.

You can listen to their new Track “I Hate Life” below.

Welcome To the Family,