As the countdown for Punk Rock Bowling 2016 is down to a month, we are going to announce our new additions to the roster over the course of the month so we can drop our PRB Compilation featuring tons of rare and unreleased tracks.

This week we are proud to announce that we have signed The Lucky Eejits out of East Bay, California. The EEjits smashed into the local scene with an original line up of 6 eccentric gentlemen playing folky irish punk. After a short change in the bands line up, The band now a Trio are full of Blasting high speed, energetic and upbeat music. With lots of “whoahs and ohs” the Eejits rein the crowd in with easy sing along songs about memorable experiences and the power of unity

The band are starting to record their full length debut for Felony Records on the 16th of this month. During the recording the band plans to post lots of updates and video teasers about the shape of their new album. They are hoping to hit Southern California in September followed by Europe in October. There being hosted in Europe by City Rat records/booking. There also might be a few surprise bands that will be joining them on some dates in Europe.

The band is giving us a track off their last e.p. for our PRB Compilation that we will be releasing online a week before Punk Rock Bowling and will have 2,000 hard copies to hand out for free at the festival itself.

You can listen to their last e.p. “FOR LIFE” released January 2016, below.

Welcome To the Family,